The Family Learning Provocation Library is Now Available

Exciting News! 

I have created yet another way to make your family learning experiences easier, cheaper, richer, more connected and fun. If you are homeschooling with just your family or you are looking to join others, the Family Learning Provocations Library is available now and may be just what you need.

The course comes with a basic overview of how to dive into symbiotic learning (learning with and from each other) and a growing library of inspiration!  Topics will vary. Some provocations will take you across the curriculum and could be extended into explorations that could last you months. 

Another amazing benefit is that within this course you can find learning partners and create events where you can learn and grow with others who wish to explore the provocations.  It contains all the tools you will need to create mini co-op learning opportunities.

A growing library of provocative ideas and curriculum plans for the eclectic, self-directed, unschooled, and conscious family. Each provocation comes with a provocative idea and ways to explore it further.

Each provocation is labeled with age appropriateness, subjects and skills to keep your learning organized and translatable for transcripts and portfolios

A community to gain insights and create events to learn with others

Cancel at anytime

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