The Journey

I hadn’t the faintest idea of the kind of journey my family and I would embark on since meeting Malia.  But my gut instinct told me that with her I would find inspiration,, insight, and willingness to take my hand as I made the decision to put my career on hold in order to invest the next precious years in homeschooling our sons. Malia is not one to tell you what to do or how to do it. There are plenty of people willing to give prescriptive advice on how to parent or the best way to teach.

Malia spent the time to know each of us, our family, our values, traditions, and passions, both individually and collectively. With gentle, loving and honest conversation, she helped guide me toward what my family needed in order to find the most meaningful ways to facilitate our boys’ own education, while creating a closer bond in the process. Not only did she help me discover more about myself as a mother, and a teacher, but the most important discoveries about my own spirit, and those of my boys took place through the learning and the experiences we had with Malia.  I would not be the same person I am today without Malia, nor would my family be so closely connected on a spiritual level the way we are. Since the time we spent working with Malia, we have now embarked into the next phases of our life. It is clear to me how each of us has spread our wings with a little more confidence and a little more love of exploring the unknown…because of the seeds that Malia helped us plant within each of us. We are forever loving and forever grateful.