Discovering and Becoming – An in depth and soulful exploration of the homeschooling journey.

Online Access available now!

Or with weekly group coaching calls beginning on April 5th – May 10th

coffee-flowers-notebook-work-desk-163123.jpegAre you on a path of conscious living and parenting but needing a time and space to reflect with others? Are you interested in homeschooling and Self Directed Learning but feeling unsure or incapable?

Perhaps you are a veteran looking to create a richer homeschooling experience…

Take some time to transform yourself into a more confident Family Spirit Keeper for yourself and your family. Step deeper into who you wish to be.  Facilitating self directed learning and conscious parenting requires deep reflection and transformation and for many of us, lots of support. It is forging a new pathway that suits you and your family.

Allow yourself to be the learner/explorer and experience the process and balance of provocation and Self Directed Learning. Give your family this gift and experience the reciprocity inherent in symbiotic learning for the coming years. Join others and create the path that will fulfill you and your families together.

This will be a 6 week process of:

    • Exploring hidden bumps and roadblocks of your homeschooling journey – unearthing hidden beliefs that may not even know conflict with our chosen educational or parenting paradigms.

    • Letting go of beliefs and ideas that no longer serve you and your family

    • Finding your yes’s and No’s and Learning reflective practices that support family decision making, homeschooling and Spirit Keeping

    • Learning ways to organize, recognize and translate learning into a language you and others recognize

  • Gaining tools and strategies to help the whole family embody the practice of discovering, exploring and following through on an idea

This workshop can be taken either completely online, with a weekly group coaching call or in person when available. Either way you gain access to the Family Spirit Keepers network including the monthly Exploring Family Learning workshops for the full 6 weeks.

Commit to your own learning and growth! Just pick your price and option and kindly RSVP on the event page.

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