The Four Chairs in Relationship and Problem Solving With Children

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Communicating and problem solving, whether with children or in adult relationships, is all about connection.  When I connect with your needs or the needs of others, life is richer and easier but doing it – really doing it, is quite simply challenging!  

Often our perspective is cluttered with stories and wounds and finding our way to clear communication and empathy can seem impossible. When we are facilitating between children, sometimes even more so!  Most of us know that we need to pause and breathe but what else? What is possible in the pause that can shift the conversation from blame and shame to connection, possibility and solution for all?  The answer is in understanding these four perspectives.

By combining my years of experience with training parents and children in the facilitation of problem solving and the work of Peggy Smith, Certified NVC trainer  I have created a short powerful introductory tool that can be the beginning of a wonderful shift towards greater connection with yourself, your children and all those you live in relationship with.

Come explore this with me in an intimate Family Spirit Keeper Fireside 

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