Resilience and Acceptance of Feelings

There is now a body of evidence indicating that the habit of accepting “negative” or “uncomfortable” feelings is connected to better emotional resilience, and fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety.  

Join Malia Silversmith sit in grace with the darkness amongst others – breathe and move the energy through and then we will discuss ways to lean and move through them for yourself and beside your children.

At the edges of acceptance, when we have spent the emotions and moved the energy through our bodies and our minds…

When we have experienced the feelings of disempowerment, disappointment, or victim… 

We discover the gift of darkness is in the polarity of grief and gratitude.  

It is in the understanding of what we need or what we have had and loved

One of the difficulties in being our child’s teacher is how they may behave with us verses a teacher when resilience and perseverance are needed.

Come find out what you need to know to create some new dynamics.

$65 per person or $55 per couple

Saturday August 24, 11am – 1:30

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