Free – Feelings and Needs Exploration – Stones in my Bowl of Light

Dear Family Spirit Keepers,

I see you.

I know that today you had a moment of complete overwhelm. I heard your silent screams and tiny whimpers. I had that too. At least once today I told myself a story of not belonging, being unloved and unsupported and abandoned gratitude for self pity.

Those moments they come because we are human and because we have unmet needs piling high. They come because we have no idea how to give them voice or because we forget to put ourselves in the mix of the daily grind. Today know this – if your needs are not met – all will suffer! We are intricately tied to our families, to our communities, to all that is. We are experiencing exchange of energy of love, fear, anger etc. even without intention. Know your children are watching and experiencing your disregard of self. They are learning at your feet that the needs of self are unimportant.

I want you to truly HEAR this… you deserve, you have a right and the world needs you to know you matter in order for you to truly teach others they matter as well. Life change happens in hundreds of ways but always begins with small steps of reflection.

Join me for 8 days of uncovering that will:

  • Help you to accept your feelings as the gifts they are
  • Discover the needs behind your feelings
  • Bring greater peace and joy into your life
  • Uncover beliefs that no longer serve you

It’s absolutely FREE and you will be so glad you did!

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