pexels-photo-220419.jpegI am here to offer you support and transformational tools to create a conscious and connected family lifestyle, including parenting, education, self-directed learning, homeschooling discovery, personal, spiritual and family healing.

Combining my educational, coaching and healing skills I offer courses and coaching for families desiring transformation and homeschooling facilitation or support.

Private Coaching Adult                                Private Learning Facilitation

Family Learning Facilitation                      Online Discussion Groups Adult

Online Discussion Groups Children        Ongoing Fireside Chats


Let’s find a clear pathway together!

Tell me your ideas, your struggles and your intention and we will find what might best serve you and your family.

Private sessions are valued at $80 they last between an hour and half to two hours but don’t let price stand in your way.  I do have flexible pricing options.  Just ask.

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Or Call Malia at 714-791-4724