Clearing the Stones From Your Bowl Of Light – 3 month, Weekly Intimate Group Coaching

Sign up deadline is February 9, 2020

Only 6 spaces available

Wow! We just finished a week of exploring the gifts behind some of our most uncomfortable feelings. So many brave souls sharing and working towards connection to themselves and to others!

If you missed out, go to Pohaku in my Bowl and request to join.

IF you have found your way via the link from the group and are ready to commit,

This is a 3 month (12 week) journey where we will work more intimately with your reactions, stories and strategies to gain greater clarity and empowerment so you and others can feel your light shining!

Take this step and you will receive:

  • An intimate group forum with more provocations, insights and exercises to work with throughout the week
  • Action steps to change how you see and respond to your stories
  • And a weekly group coaching call where you can join us live and receive a recording that you can refer back to anytime you need.

It can be scary and it can be exciting!  It’s all in the perspective. Are you ready for change?  Are you ready to connect more deeply to yourself, Spirit and your loved ones?  Think how much reward you have received this week in your vulnerability and reflections.  I promise you, taking steps feels WAY better than staring at an UNCHANGING LANDSCAPE..

Do it for YOU!  And do it with US!

I know, it’s A COMMITMENT personally and financially and it’s tempting to want to work on your own with what we’ve done so far. Some of you may need to for various reasons – THAT’S OK.  

But other’s – and you know who you are – can feel the pull – the call to go further and take deeper steps.  I’m offering a great deal – an introductory offer – 

One payment of $960 or just 3 payments of $333

Think about it – that’s 12 coaching sessions, online support, plus a ton more material to work through!

OR if you are feeling like you need more specific attention in an even more intimate setting, pay in full and book between now and February 25th, I am offering 12 weeks of one on one coaching for just $1444.