“A child is capable of holding dichotomy and through their imaginations can begin to explore possibility and solutions for some of the worlds greatest problems.  They may or may not be any more ready to solve them then we are, but youth is a time when we need to support their discovery of tolerance and compassion in as many ways as we can, while practicing problem solving and critical thinking alongside them.  We also must recognize that their fresh perspective can sometimes provide greater possibilities and inspiration for us.

They are aware, hearing little bits of what is happening in our world, wondering and sometimes fearing what we cannot explain.  Sometimes the right course of action is simply to lean into faith, comfort them and focus on joy but we must remember that life holds these great questions and challenges and find safe ways of exploring them; discovering our power within them.

The following story is the culmination of a semester long project I worked on with a group of young students ages 7-9.  The group was formed within a sort of self-directed, agile learning culture.  My job was to inspire, discover common interests, protect or guide the over-arching intentions of their parents and respect who the children were as learners and as people.

It was a collaborative discovery for all involved.  I wanted to know what we could do with a group of students chosen specifically for their shared interests, supportive, curious and  fully invested parents, and their similar and/or balancing natures and learning styles.  I chose the students very intentionally because I believed they could learn well together, from each other and with me.  I am so grateful to these families for their trust and participation.”

This is shared from one of my personal blogs on Writing the Wind to continue reading about our experience click here…

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